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SOLID edge non laminated 4cm countertops
SOLID edge non laminated 4cm countertops Vanities
Mesh-backed Cobble looking pavers
Pool coping
Stair Treads and Risers
Floating Ball Fountains
Cut to Size
Outdoor Products
Wrought Iron
Cut-to-size projects are a perfect fit for US Stone Sales LLC. When you have specific needs there is very little we cannot do, and we welcome the challenge. For regular tiles and slabs, we are not your best source, but for cut-to-size projects you will be amazed at the savings we can offer.
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Custom Made medallion

Custom made Fireplace

Cut-to-size radius treads and risers;
matching Filed Tiles from same block of travertine

Travertine mosaics on netting and matching field tiles

Elegant and inexpensive beveled granite wall panels

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